• Sat
    10am-12:30pm505 S. Lenola Road, Suite 124, Blazon Paza, Moorestown, NJ--Angel Hands

      Call 609-784-4948 to sign up or for more information

    A very special workshop!  The topics included are:

    • the 7 chakras and 7 levels of the field, their direct correlation to a) the physical body, our psychology (emotional and mental self); and c) spiritual self. Also, Masks and Defenses--how we use them daily, the Characterologies (5 total),. Higher Self and Lower Self, Witness/Asker/Observer (what this trilogy is and how to apply it)
    • I will also teach ways of seeing and feeling energy.......clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance....and the methods of push, pull, allow and stop.  How they give you very big clues about yourself, how it combines with the topics in the paragraph above, and how you use them in your relationships to all people. And yes, if you plan to use them in a healing setting.


    The concepts, tools and methods (mentioned above), plus a few more will be presented in a way to help you come back to your full self and your explore your unique gifts.  You will be able to take all this information and USE it for your own self-discovery, long after the workshop. (If you already have a practice, this will enhance your practice greatly). This is possible as each method, tool, and concept builds on the other and flow with each other as you will experience.

    I will be available between classes for each student individually (1 session) to help integrate the information and self-discovery process, as there will be personal work/home play to be done in between classes.  The classes are 2 weeks give you time to practice, process and integrate.


    In total, 7 classes/presentations plus 1 personal session to help assimilate the workshop.  There will be in-class exercises/play to apply the knowledge.

    Cost:   $350.00.  Early sign up by January 1/23/17 is $305.00. 

    When:   The first class begins January 28, 2017 – from 10a-12:30p  -- and every other Saturday until 4/22/17.

    Place:  Angel Hands, Blazon Plaza, 505 S. Lenola Rd, Moorestown, Suite 124

    Call reserve your space:    609-784-4948