We all get stuck in patterns physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  These stuck patterns eventually affect us in our everyday life as PTSD, sadness, depression, sore joints, tiredness, boredom, addiction and any diagnosed illness (asthma, cancer, IBS, heart disease, etc.).  In other words, PAIN.

   Going through a serious injury or illness affects us in many ways. Having gone through both at different times, I know you can be left feeling anxious and/or depressed.  Simple tasks that were done without thinking before, are now a major project.  Major illness or injury opens us up to being vulnerable and leaves us with lingering doubts about how much we really can do.

   Loss of career or job brings this about as well.  Especially when you can’t find rewarding work in the vocation you have always done. Or maybe you are experiencing boredom, or are going through a major life challenge such as grief or divorce? Maybe you have become stagnate creatively in your life. Yet the idea of changing or even making a change seems tedious and nerve-wrecking.

Can we ever get back to the way things were?

   Well – in terms of getting back, we generally would like to function just as we did “before”. However, our perspective is changed and we can never go back emotionally, mentally, or spiritually, even if we can physically.

This is a wonderful occurrence!

   It gives us a chance to grow and gain more inner strength.  It helps us to get out of a rut or place of habit; where we unconsciously lived our lives and then wondered why we are bored, unhappy at work…or with family, relationships (from loved ones to acquaintances), and money.

   As you are healing from an injury, illness, or major life upheaval, how do you go about getting to the heart of the matter and making the inner changes that are now illuminated? 

Each of us is unique. Our bodies, our minds and our energy systems.

   Here’s where the integration of mind, emotion and spirit can fully connect to our physical—helping us overcome patterns and habits that are subconscious and holding us back from truly living and being ourselves.  Most of the time, we are simply stuck in unconscious beliefs that no longer serve a purpose, or decisions no longer remembered. These beliefs and decisions are not just anchored in your mind, they are also anchored in your body and energy system.

   I will work with you, as an individual, to help you heal and feel better. I will also help guide you through your own thought processes and energy patterns to empower you to facilitate your own healing.

   Clients have come for issues as varied as:

       Impending surgery     Post surgery     As part of Cancer protocols     PTSD
Physical injuries  
  Broken bones    Ulcers     Autoimmune diseases     Addictions
Past Trauma
  Fear     Depression     Anxiety    Frustration  Stress    Lack of Energy
Difficulty in relationships  
   Dissatisfaction with work     Sexual abuse    Weight Loss

         Clients also come to bring more Energy,  Joy,  Passion,   Love,  Personal Power and Abundance  into their lives.