One-on-one dialogue, guidance, intuitive reading, energy assessment, emotional support, and energy work are part of every session.

Healing sessions include any one or a combination of:

    Full Spectrum healing includes:  Multi-dimensional healing for your physical, emotional¸ mental and spiritual systems. Chakra and field clearing, aligning and energizing which helps release blocks and stagnate energy on the corresponding field levels; addressing misconceptions and faulty belief systems; addressing nutrition, fitness, sleep, relaxation, and health maintenance.

    Hara Healing works on a level deeper than the auric field. This is where we hold our intentions and purpose in life.  When your hara is aligned and healthy, you will strongly feel personal integrity, personal power and purpose.  Hara alignment is a clear connection of our divine self and earth self, bringing a sense of peace and presence,  personal strength and effortlessness.

    Core Star Healing.  The Core Star level is the all of who you are: who you have always been, are now, and always will be.  It is the God within each and every one of us. God within, without…beyond time and space.  Why would this part of us need healing?  It doesn’t.  It is a matter of finding reconnection with our Core on a conscious level.  And being able to hold that connection in our awareness as we go through our daily lives. As the creative force wells up from the Core Star it brings great pleasure, great joy into our lives.  When we are fully in our core we are able to express our divine essence through our personality. 

    Long Distance healings offer you the convenience of experiencing all healing work wherever you live. Whether in the United States or abroad.  These sessions are done using phone or Skype, and email. 

    Journey Work.  This is used in conjunction with other forms of healing, be they energetic, counseling, or body work. I use Shamanic techniques such as connecting with a power animal or setting up a circular altar to create sacred space.  Then energetically there is a connection with a part of someone’s energy that is “stuck” in the past.  This “stuck” energy can result from accidents, abuse, trauma, dysfunctional family environments and co-dependent relationships.  The “stuckness” usually happens when we dissociate (usually
subconsciously) from a part of ourselves in response to an external event or when we give away parts of ourselves in relationships.  Once the connection with this place or time is established, this part is “coaxed” to return to the present, then integrated energetically and consciously and leads to an increased sense of wholeness.

    Mind Wiping. Adverse emotions cloud clear thinking, and result in unfavorable decision making, as well as stress and illness.  This technique is used to totally erase adverse emotions and bring about quick results to habitual emotional patterns.  Having released the habitual pattern, we can act in a manner which will bring about better decisions and happy, long term choices.

    Pathwork is based on the Pathwork lectures and is a way of deepening oneself and the understanding of the interface between psychology and spirituality and on the process of personal development.

    Core Energetics is based on therapies bringing together the physical body, the mind and the soul, by using physical movement to release blocks in the body and mind, allowing the soul connection through to our everyday lives.