Just wanted you to know that after your session with me, my neck and back are so much better.  I almost do not notice them anymore after weeks of cricks and pains.  Your technique is soothing and even fun? I enjoyed my session very much and look forward o more in the future.”

                                                   –Melissa M

“I noticed that there was never any judgement, giving me a feeling of being safe early on.  During the energy work, I felt great compassion.”

                                                    –Jackie H.

“I felt like a weight was released. I had a better perspective on things going on in my life and felt that I was better equipped to deal with them with the tools Syndia has given me. I am looking forward to my next session.”

                                                 –Carol B.

I had the best session with you last week! You said you had newer techniques and I would feel the difference and I did but how do I explain it! I did not know you could improve on your work but you have improved and I hope that others get to experience your magic. One of my recent aura pictures showed my head completely disconnected from my body and hardly even in the picture just floating out in space; giving new meaning to being spacy and disconnected; literally! Now I can say, I’ve got my head back on my shoulders and I’m back and centered instead of floating wayout in the ethers! Thanks for the treatment and for sending me information on how to stay connected.

                                                            –Natalia Tomassini


Testimonials — 2 Comments

  1. Many years after an Auto accident the injury (Pinched Nerve) inflamed and tortured me with a sharp stabbing pain in my Shoulder.With each treatment Syndia located and worked the area of my pain until without even realizing it, the pain had disappeared and still has not come back. I am thankful for her healing!

  2. I must say, after leaving from my session with Syndia, I felt a good sense of direction, I know what I must do……I do look forward in meeting with her again.
    Thank you